NonyX® Testimonials

"My sister told me about your product…she’s had problems all her live with her toe nails…she found Nonyx and I’ve never seen her so excited about her toes! She has a way to go before they’re grown out – but what a difference already!" K. R., by email

"Hello! I just wanted to tell you that NonyX nail gel changed my life! I know that sounds very dramatic, but the results of your product are dramatic!! I have gotten pedicures for years and my toenails were very discolored and scaly looking from wearing nail polish. I was too embarrassed to go without polish on my toes.. so it was an endless cycle. You have no idea how many times I was trying to polish my toenails right before I was going to go somewhere because they looked so bad. And I must tell you, I live in the Florida Keys. I wear sandals 12 months out of the year. I had tried many other products to "bleach" my toenails. I had buffed them and soaked them...nothing worked. First of all, I was surprised at how generous sized the bottle of your product is. I saw real results of my nails looking smoother and brighter within the first week. I used Nonyx as directed for about a month and I cannot tell you what a difference it has made. I only wish I had taken before and after pictures. I probably will never go back to wearing nail polish again. My feet honestly look 10 years younger..I cannot stop looking at them! you make a face cream? HA! Anyway, thanks again. And like I said, Nonyx changed the way I look at my feet forever. I can wear all my flip-flops and sandals again and living in the tropics as I do..that is very important!" by email, January 9, 2007
"I just wanted to thank you for a great product that works... I wish it was advertised on TV, for I had too search it out, working at a fast food restaurant all day and all night in bad shoes. My toenail was horrible. Using your product, my nails are clear I can wear open toed [shoes]. It's just amazing." By email, 1-12-07
"This stuff works! I have sold more people on NonyX since using it back in 2002. I bought it in April and by toenails looked natural and beautiful by August. I’m glad to hear it’s in so many stores now. I had a golfing friend whose husband couldn’t wear sandals because his nails looked so bad. Several months after I told them about NonyX I saw him at the club and he pointed down to his feet. Sure enough, he was wearing sandals!" N.W., Savannah, GA
"Dear Sirs, I am an active widow (70 years) who walks 2 ½ to 5 miles a day. For several years I have had a problem with my big toenails turning a ghastly yellowish color. I change walking shoes regularly and soak my feet in the evenings. In short, I take very good care of my feet, practicing good hygiene. Nevertheless, …nothing worked.
I happened to hear about NonyX on the radio and decided to look for it in my area. Unfortunately, I had to drive to Carbondale to find it in the Wal-Mart store. It was very expensive for a senior, but I bought it anyway. Never was I so shocked and happy when…the nails on my big toes cleared up and are back to how they looked when I was much younger. I called my sisters (all seniors) and my friends to tell them about NonyX and they are going to try it. Thank you so much for such a good product. Sincerely, " K.K., Vienna, IL
"That NonyX Nail Gel has really worked! I've been using it on my toenails and fingernails .... I could do a commercial on this product!" By telephone 2-07-07
"I used to be ashamed of my toenails. But now that I’ve used NonyX, I can wear open-toed sandals without people staring and saying, ‘What ugly toenails!’ I’m 87 years old but I still want to look cute!" I. A., Palm Coast, FL
"I am a very skeptical person and couldn’t believe that NonyX actually worked. I was dumbfounded! Now I am telling everyone about NonyX." K.W., Bear, DE
"I want you to know you can use me in any commercial. Your product does all you say and then some." Harvey Sklar, Riverton, NJ
"I don't usually contact a manufacturer of a product, but when a product, such as Nonyx, goes beyond what it is stated to do, then, I must speak up. The nail on my right big toe was a mess. It was thick, and layered and brittle and YELLOW! … I decided to spend the money and buy Nonyx…. …my toenail is now normal looking. I also treated some of the other nails, and they look great, too. One bottle was all it took. I am very pleased. " Neal Fitze, New Lebanon, Ohio
"I am writing this to express to you how wonderful a product you have. I recently removed acrylic nails that I have had on my nails for 6 years. Needless to say, they were in terrible condition….Your product had my nails clear and looking well in less than three weeks. I am amazed at the progress they have made. Thank you for such a good product." Patty B.
"I want to tell you how pleased I am with Nonyx® gel. I've been using it for 4 months, and my (toe)nail is so much better than I expected it to be. I might actually get to wear sandals again this summer!" N.M.
"Have used Nonyx Nail Gel for a few months and am thrilled with the results. It has worked great with the discoloration and quite a bit with the appearance."C. W. [by email]
"This product speaks for itself. My family and friends used to make fun of my nails they were so black. Now it’s like I have new toes and I am wearing sandals again! NonyX works really well." M.M., FL
"I must tell you about my husband’s nail! I was so bad and now it looks perfect. I can’t even tell the difference between his two big toenails. He’ll use NonyX forever. For yellow, hard-looking toenails NonyX is WONDERFUL. I wish more people knew. It’s the ONLY thing I tell people to use." S. Z., South Haven, Mississippi
"NonyX is like a genie coming out of the bottle. A while ago you could look at my nails and vomit, but not any more!" S. A., Delray Beach, FL
"I have been using NONYX nail gel for the last 2 years and it completely changed my nails for the better. I love it and if I stop using it they get bad-looking again rather quickly as I learned the hard way." L.V., by email
"I have been using NonyX for a few weeks and notice a GREAT difference. (And I have not even been very "regular" with it's use!). Well, what I have seen is making me want to be very disciplined to use it as directed! I will let you know more. Thanks a lot!" Charles
"I showed my yellowed big toenail to a dermatologist last year, and she just ignored my concern, ... Nonyx is non-irritating and amazing. My toenail is now 80% clear and I'm waiting for that top 20% to grow out. I continue to use it 2x per day, and once it is all clear, will probably discontinue and watch it for any changes. Great product." Posted on KudosBoard, 9-29-2005

Muchas gracias. Realmente es un producto excelente. Lo compré por casualidad en Walgreens y ha funcionado verdaderamente. Lo recomiento a todas las personas que tengan algún problema con sus uñas....

Entré a la página en Internet y veo que tienen otros productos los cuales voy a tratar de conseguir en Walgreens, porque me imagino que deben ser tan buenos como este producto.

Les felicito y les deseo mucho éxito en su empresa.

"At first, I didn't believe there was anything in the world that would help me. I thought I was destined to wear tennis shoes and socks through the heat of the summer. Thank God for a product like this! I have used it for 7 months and have seen a tremendous change! I will probably have to put nail polish over my nails during the summer, but I will not be ashamed at all to show my feet. My self esteem is heightened because of this product. Thanks Xenna!" N.D., Louisianna
"I didn’t believe it would work, but no one else knew what to do. So I called you folks, bought a bottle of NonyX at Walgreens and it worked great!" P.K. Seattle, WA
"I am writing because I want to tell you how great we think your product Nonyx is. My husband has had [discolored nails] on three of his toes for many, many years. My husband' s toes were terrible looking but they have already started to change to yellow from an ugly green color (yuck) . He is so happy. We just can not believe after all this time that there is a product that actually works. Thank You so very much for making this. I know that ugly toe nails is such a small thing to worry about but we do because it is so ugly. We will keep using this product. I will be telling everyone I know about your fantastic product. Thanks again," Evelyn S. By email
"I have been using NonyX for one and a half years. It is absolutely the best product in the world. Amazing. I used to have yellow nails and now they are clear and look perfect! I am wearing sandals again!" M.V., Kirtland, OH
"Nothing ever worked until I tried NonyX. NonyX is the best stuff. It’s magic!" S. H., LaMirada, CA
"NonyX is a great product! It’s the only thing I’ve found that works for me." I. R., Phoenix, AZ
"I had almost given up on my toes! NonyX is an extremely good product!" R. F., Long Island, NY

"I am writing this message to share my overwhelming appreciation for your product. I have had dark build-up …for many years…. I even had given up on looking for solutions to my problem. Until one day, while browsing on the Internet. I came across an advertisement for your product in a FootSmart catalog. This was in April of last year. Once I received the package, I was anxious to use it. After a couple of weeks using the nail gel, I began to see a clearing within the nail. It wasn’t much, but enough to motivate me to continue for all the time it could take to have a clear…nail.

Well, seven months later, the results were finalized. I had a clear nail and a zest for summer months. It felt great to see those results and even better to feel confident once again with myself. I want to extend my gratitude for helping me so much …and for enabling me to build back my confidence level. Regards, " G. M., Gaithersburg, MD

"After three months using NonyX,…it works, it works, it works. This is the first testimonial I have given in my 57 years. Why? Because NonyX works." C. H. by email
"Thank you so much for your wonderful product! I bought Nonyx a year ago and didn't use it. I went to your website and read all the testimonials and I figured if everyone is raving about it, it must be doing something right. The first week, I could already see a difference. I have been using it about a month now, and there is no more debris.... I had had this nail problem for years and nothing my podiatrist gave me worked. ... Thank God I came across your product. I have recommended it to family members that are experiencing the same problem. Thank you again and again." A. Silva, California
"I have been using NonyX for about 2 weeks. What an amazing product - the nails are clearing up nicely. Thank you so much for giving me back my ability to wear sandals and to feel good about my appearance." J.I., by email
"I purchased NonyX but was very skeptical. Then I used it and got excellent results! NonyX lived up to its promise. Thank you for the product!" Tess, Chicago, IL
"I learned about NonyX from a friend who tried it and like it. I starting using NonyX in mid-October on my fingernail and the results are astounding. I am thrilled. I like something I can use topically and have been suggesting NonyX to others." J.H., Middletown, NY
"I've been using Nonyx for several weeks with excellent results." Arnie A.
"Two years ago I began using NonyX gel twice a day…. Thank you. Now most of my toenails became clear.", Yefim, by email
"I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I have had nail discoloration on 3 of my nails for years and have tried just about everything: gels, scrubs, etc. Your product is the only one that has restored the pink color on my nails. My nails are still far from looking like they did before the discoloration set in, but I will continue to use the nail gel until they are clear. Thank you once again from a very satisfied customer. Sincerely", Sarah, Plymouth, WI
"NonyX is doing a great job. The brownish nail color is now beautifully clear. Like a baby's toes!", W.T.B., Detroit, MI
"My toenails are completely cleared up. Thank you", L.P. Stowe, VT
"I am a 75 year old former hairdresser and manicurist who has always taken great care of my feet. As I got older and it became harder to reach my toes, I began to have professional pedicures. One day I removed some polish myself and almost had a stroke - my nails were discolored and horrible looking! I saw NonyX in a catalog, and while I don't usually spend money on products I know nothing about, I was desperate to clear up my nails. After using it, I am delighted to say I have the most beautiful nails now, and I'm taking the bottle over to my dermatologist's office when I show him the results! After saying all of this, I still haven't said enough - NonyX is the best thing that has ever happened to me!" E.F.M., Baltimore, MD
"Thank you for NonyX! I’m so excited to have finally found a product that actually, really helped." By telephone
"I've only been using NonyX for 2 weeks and I can't tell you how happy it's made me. I have been trying to get rid of nail discoloring ... for so long I just wanted to cry. It's made a big difference in just 2 weeks. I hope you will never stop making this product. I' ve bought a second bottle just so I know I have it when I need it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you have given me the relief that I haven't been able to get in almost 2 years." B.K.S., New Jersey
"I began using NonyX in February. I love this product - you have changed my life! I had severe discoloration on 4 nails, and was devastated because I thought there were no natural options for me. Who would have thought that $25 would change my life? This is an embarrassing condition to talk about, but I'm spreading the word because you have made me so happy. If you need someone to make a commercial, call me ANYTIME - I want to do anything I can for you!" K.P., Narberth, PA

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Callex® Testimonials

My wife always checks the foot care sections at Walgreens for something good.  She tried the mall and nothing worked.  She tried CalleX with the same attitude and she was thrilled when it worked.  Loved the smell, too!  In just one week she has seen a big difference.  J.A.P. Houston, TX

To Whom It May Concern, I would just like to thank you for your product, CalleX.  My heels were in terrible shape and I didn’t know what else to do to try to alleviate the problem.  The skin cracked and bled constantly, especially in the winter. I work outside and had to do a lot of walking on the job.  My last resort was your product….  I saw an ad in the Readers Digest and thought I would give CalleX a try before I went back to the Dr.  To make a long story short, my heels are on the mend, and I am able to see an end to my ordeal – thanks to you.  Sincerely, Gayle Spoor  P.S. I’m telling everyone of your product!
"All my life since I was 18 (and I am now 60) I’ve had rough, hardened, thickened skin on the soles and sides of my feet. It was really unsightly. Then I tried CalleX Ointment and in one month my soles are smooth, soft and attractive. I can wear sandals again without embarrassment. CalleX is wonderful and I am so happy to have found it. I just had to call you! I just can’t get over how nice my feet are now. This product works and I’m your greatest spokesman in Virginia!" S.E.B., Portsmouth, VA
"All my life since I was 18 (and I am now 60) I’ve had rough, hardened, thickened skin on the soles and sides of my feet. It was really unsightly. Then I tried
"I am a Marketing Professor at a prominent New York college. I recently selected CalleX as an example for my class on how to present a product. Then I decided to use it on myself. After two days CalleX is quite amazing! It softened the whole situation!" M. D. S., NY, NY
"Callex works. It is absolutely non-irritating even when used twice daily as I do. I had very hard, thickened skin on the balls of my feet as well as on the soles behind the great and small toes. I now see pink healthy skin …. Use it. It works." Posted 9-30-06 on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.
"CalleX is absolutely a miracle! My husband hasn't had to use any moleskin on his feet for 3 months. Phenomenal. Never had anything like it! Superb!" R. L., Scottsdale, AZ (son is a podiatrist)
"CalleX Ointment is fabulous! It’s just what I’ve been looking for my customers! " V.K., Chicago, IL
"During my walk for charity, I used CalleX more on the balls of my feet than on the whole foot and with the exception of needing mole skin on Day 3, after 40 miles, I had no blisters where I used the product, even at the end of 60 miles. Last time, I had horrible blisters on the balls of my feet and this time I have none! I do have blisters on my heels but I did not use anything there. I’ve never had a problem with my heels so I did not attend to them, as I probably should have." J.B., Alisa Viejo, CA
"I have been seeing a dermatologist for a year and a half. I was in Walgreens one evening. As we were going out I saw CalleX on the counter behind the register. Well, it was about $15. So I hated to spend more on my feet. The lady said, "Save your receipt. If it doesn't work, bring it back for a refund." Well, I didn't take it back. It worked. Thank you for a wonderful product." Betty Cook, Concord, NC
"CalleX Ointment is wonderful stuff! ...CalleX also helped my grandmother in a nursing home." C. M. H., Lansing, MI
"My podiatrist gave me CalleX to try. This stuff is great! Where can I buy it in New York City?" [phone inquiry]
"CalleX is fantastic! I used it on the side of my toe .... Plus the jar lasts a long time. I’ve used NonyX, too. Your company has the best products for nails ...!" B. H., Santa Barbara, CA
"CalleX is excellent! I am a diabetic who had very bad cracked heels, and there aren’t enough words to say how good this product is. Please tell me where I can find it in stores." CalleX User, Prescott, AZ
"As the wife of a podiatrist I get to try a lot of products. But CalleX is really amazing. The label mentions using it for dry, cracked cuticles. Well, I can’t tell you how good my hands look in just 2 days! My fingernail cuticles were in really bad shape and now they look perfect. Your CalleX is an unbelievable product! I think you should bring it out in a tube just for softening cuticles." CS. K., Baltimore, MD
"CalleX is a great product and I have tried all sorts of things." C. K., Oceanside, NY
"This is a great, great product. And I've tried them all." C.H., South Walpole, MA
"I have had horrible dry and cracked feet especially around the heel area. They get so sore I can't walk on them. I have gone to a podiatrist and he gave me ... some cream which didn't work. Callex is the only thing that has heeled my feet. I put it on at nite and wear a sock and I also put it on in the morning. I highly recommend Callex." Robin, Wayne, PA
"My son, who is an amputee from diabetes, says that CalleX Ointment does a wonderful job of keeping his skin soft and free of scales." Barbara F., Olympia, WA
"CalleX is a miracle! It’s the first thing I’ve used in 35 years that has helped my feet. They were crusty, scaly, and cracked, but after just two weeks of using CalleX they have smoothed out! Amazing!" K.C., Roswell, NM
"I have never found anything that works as well as CalleX does. All I have to do is remember to use it regularly. Please send me 5 jars!" R.K., Shreveport, LA
"CalleX is the only thing that’s worked on my feet! I’m ordering six." E.K., Chicago, IL
"CalleX is great! I could use a gallon of this stuff! Please send me six jars." J.M., New York, NY
"I first saw CalleX in a magazine a few years ago. I worked in water a lot then and my feet would get wet and the skin would crack. I used CalleX once in the morning and again at night. I found it works best if you rub it in gently with your fingers. And you don’t need much. I never used any scraping devices and my feet are in great shape! They still sweat, but CalleX takes care of everything." E.R., Xenia, OH
"I recently started using CalleX ... on my right foot. It is wonderful ointment. I use the plastic top of the … jar to put the ointment on.. I was using lotion on my foot, but the ointment is better." A. C., Sherman, TX
"I am an African American women with very bad cracked heels.... CalleX has worked better for me than anything else I’ve tried. I would love to try an “extra-strength” version, as well, if you ever come out with one." C.C., Ossining, New York
"CalleX Ointment is excellent. I found it in Puritan’s Pride and highly recommend it. We have tried everything for my husband’s feet and nothing worked until CalleX. A wonderful product.!" Name withheld, New York
"I first read about CalleX in a magazine. It has worked well for me, so I am reordering." J.H., San Antonio, TX
"I would love to see CalleX in a larger jar. I used it for two weeks on my dry, cracked heels and it worked great!" J. R., Chicago, IL
"CalleX Ointment is the best stuff! ... Glad to know I can get it now at Longs." Name not provided, California
"I used to spend the time and money on peducures to have nice looking feet for the summer but could never find a way to get rid of the unattractive dry, cracked heels UNTIL CalleX. Now I have the whole pedicure and am proud to show off my feet! Thanks, Xenna." D.S., Cranbury, NJ
"I am a diabetic with bleeding, cracked heels. I found CalleX is the best thing on the market!" V.W. (no address)
"I don't want to EVER run out of CalleX!" B.B., Boca Raton, FL
"I saw an ad ...advertising your product, CalleX Ointment. I ordered two jars, not expecting much, but hoping that your ointment would work. I applied the CalleX Ointment ...on the evening that I received it. Like a miracle, the next day, there was no [discomfort] at all. I will forward a copy of this letter to my foot doctor as a favor to him and his patients. Thank you. PS: I am a 73 year old handicapped senior" B.G, W. Hollywood, CA 90046
"Thank you for a great product. CalleX is incredible on my corns. I walk a lot and use CalleX twice daily along with a soapy wash cloth and pumice stone. It took 20 days, but the results were remarkable! I hope you guys never go out of business because CalleX is a really neat product." S. R., Cincinnati, OH
"CalleX is a most wonderful product. This is the first summer in years that I have been able to wear sandals and not end up with cracked heels. My feet are smooth and soft. Thank you for a wonderful product. I recommend it to everyone I know." J. D. (by email)
"CalleX is wonderful. I put it on last night and am ready to run this am with it on." C. M., Princeton, NJ

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Curlaway® Testimonials

"I am really impressed with this product! I was very skeptical at first [and] researched Curlaway for a couple of months. I love it, love it, love it!!! I have told both my sisters and my niece about it and they are going to try it also. The results are cumulative and at this rate with my hair looking so healthy and fabulous, I will not go back to a conventional relaxer. For any African-American women reading this, I do not have hair of mixed heritage, it is of the normal African stock, very coiled. I apply it like a relaxer (apply to new growth) and leave it on up to 9 hrs. Sometimes I use a dab after washing and conditioning for extra shine and gloss for the blow dry. I'm really happy with this product. The best piece of advice I can give when using this is to be patient, it will not create a miracle overnight but overtime, the miracle will happen.
I have been there and back with my hair and it is promising to know that someone is still researching alternatives for relaxing hair that do not involve harsh chemicals. I wish your company much success and I will recruit as many devotees as possible. I would be honored if you choose to use anything I've written. " G. G-G., Lyndhurst, NJ
"Hi, I used your Curlaway product for the first time and absolutely love it. Tell me more about the creator of Curlaway. Who is Ian Charles. I have tried tons of haircare products and hadn't heard of him so I was very skeptical to try this product. But I am so glad that I did." T. T., Birmingham, AL
"I have been using Curlaway for at least a year now and really like how easy it is for me to style and comb my hair." P. H., New Fairfield, CT 1-15-07
"I really like Curlaway! I got a perm a while ago and needed to do something. I saw Curlaway at a beauty supply store, thought I’d try it and saw the difference right away. Curlaway actually does work! I’ve been telling people about it and my cousin and aunt are using Curlaway and got the same results I did. I am in college and plan to be a doctor, so I read up on how Curlaway works and the way it changes keratin protein actually makes sense." J. C., New York, New York
"I have been using curlaway for about 6 months now, and I must say, my review and impressions are A plus. My hair is curly, but not very, cos it responds to ironing rather quickly: after 5 minutes. I leave curlaway as leave in conditioner and do not blow dry it (as someone else wrote)- and voila! Straight hair." As posted on 2-28-06
"I think you have a good product; I have fine and kinky hair, after two applications, I can see an improvement in manageability, nice! A tip: First to soften my hair, I put a straightening balm and apply curlway for a couple of hours." By email 2-8-07
"I love Curlaway!! The best part for me is that I can color my hair and have it relaxed at the same time. I want to go lighter and with Curlaway I can! I am ordering several jars and recommending Curlaway to my sister for my niece who is 5 years old." S. H., Irvington, NJ
"This product works! I hadn't used a chemical relaxer for a year when I started using Curlaway. Now my hair is straight, except for one section which is still a little curly and needs more treatments. I also used it on my daughter's tighter curls, then styled it with a flat iron and her hair was smooth all week, even when it rained. That's the first time this has happened! I prefer to shampoo at night, apply Curlaway and pull my hair straight with scrunchies, then rinse out, condition, blow dry and flat iron in the morning." D. P. Canton, MI
"I just wanted to chime in with everyone else and say your product is fantastic, however it was not until I received your recent printed instructions in my order that I was able to understand the process I needed to follow. My hair is of African American texture with tight curls so I fully understood your process might take some time to work as opposed to the current chemical products on the market….. The most important part of those instructions for me and what made an incredible difference in my hair was: "Curlaway-treated hair establishes it’s straighter "memory" during the drying phase..." Well that explained the basis of my problems and the corrective steps I needed to take in my personal application process.…. those few added instructions made all the difference in the world to me and to the success of using your product on my hair. Thank You so much for providing such a superior product." L from Texas
"With regular relaxers you can't get your hair to take a curl when you want one. Using Curlaway is like night and day! I get the natural look I want - loose curls - and my hair doesn't break or fall out. I found that after a few treatments using the daily leave-in method really makes a difference. This is the product everyone wants." Ms.W. by telephone
"My daughter used Curlaway and loved it, then her friends tried it and THEY loved it. So now I’m ordering Curlaway for myself!" Y. T., Palmdale, CA
"This really works!! It totally loosened my curls to 3c. I was so impressed I posted a comment on their website."
"Finally! - Something gentle that straightens my hair (gradually) and it doesn't "chip off", or leave build-up in the hair. This is what I needed. Thank you, Xenna!" Review posted on
"I like Curlaway because it doesn't leave build up in hair. Here is my advice on Curlaway usage: use it as a leave-in conditioner. This works much better! " Review posted on
"Curlaway is great for African American hair because our hair is denser and if you use Curlaway over pre-texturized, relaxed hair, the results are phenomenal." Posted at
"Love the Curlaway product; ... Can you make it unscented? I am allergic to fragrances. I am sure there are others out there with the same problem. Thanks. Tina" posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc., 11-21-06
"I am a believer!!! I used a product called Jerlon (years ago) with similar results. The company went under and I had to return to relaxers. Within the last year, my hair became extremely damaged and broke off in chunks. I declared war and vowed never to use another relaxer. Because I started to have new growth, my hair became difficult to manage. I read and reread the testimonials along with talking to customer service about Curlaway. Customer service was the deciding factor in me trying Curlaway. Not only was the person I spoke to professional, she knew the facts about the product, and she too is a user. The product does what it promises and much more!!!! I am on my way back to a head of healthier, softer, and shinier hair. Yes, it's straight and I am completely satisfied!!! (African American Hair) " Posted on Kudosboard, 05-23-06
"I had to stop relaxing my hair about a year ago due to over processing (coloring and relaxing 20+ years) after years of abuse my hair was thinning. I now just color my hair every 6 to 8 weeks. I have been searching for a long time now for a product that would safely and without damage relax the curls in my hair. I did my first over-night treatment last night with Curlaway, after I colored my hair. In the morning, I rinsed out the product and added my own conditioner as instructed. Immediately, I felt the difference in my hair, it was softer and easier to comb. I was able to blow-dry and flat-iron my hair in under an hour (prior to using this product it used to take me 1 hour and 45 minutes plus). I noticed too that my hair responded much better to the flat-iron. My hair is now silkier and shiner (even better than when I used to relax it with those harsh chemical relaxers). I am so looking forward to seeing how my hair reacts after my next set of treatments. I am truly amazed by the results of your product so far." Posted on Kudosboard, 05-09-06
"Being reversible makes Curlaway fantastic! I don’t have to worry about waiting for too-straight, too flat hair to grow out! I have thick, hard-to-manage hair and I like the way Curlaway gently relaxes my hair. When I used traditional relaxers my hair were get brittle and break easily. Plus, if they left the lye or no- lye cream on too long, my scalp would burn. I’ll never go back to them. Thanks for developing a great product! " D.W., Long Island, NY
"I love, Absolutely love this product. I'm African American, Female, 45 years old. I ordered Curlaway for the first time about two months ago. I like to wear my hair in a wash & go fashion. Curlaway has provided me with a smooth silky texture as if I have jerri curls or really nice curly hair (which I don't). Everyone, at work says they love my hair and so do I. Recently, about two-weeks ago, I started using the product on my 11-year old daughter's hair. I love the feel of her hair with curlaway. Her hair is down her back smooth & silky. Did I mention we both have natural hair. Now I can blow dry her hair straight with out using a pressing comb or flat iron. I continue to wear mine in a medium curly fro. I love not having to use chemicals on my hair this is the way I want my hair to look and feel. Thanks for a great product! Loving my hair from Detroit, MI." Posted on Kudosboard, 04-25-06
"Thank you for a wonderful product - I only used Curlaway for four hours, and while I still have some curl -I have NO frizz - AT ALL!!" By email 04-05-06
"Where have you been all of my life? Curlaway is easy to use, gentle, and most of all it works. I will send you before and after pictures this summer." Linda L., Murrysville, PA
"I was very glad to see you reduced the price on Curlaway!! I had stocked up around Xmas time because it was on sale and actually bought one as a gift for my cousin who has the same textured hair as me.... I kept kicking myself for not ordering more when it was on sale.... My hair is very thick and long and 1 jar doesn't go too far! Please keep the price affordable! This is the only product works for me!!! Thanks!" Bev
"Curlaway is wonderful! It has literally changed my life. Now I like who I am and am happy to look in the mirror! I use Curlaway everyday as a relaxing conditioner and once a month as an overnight treatment. I get complements on my hair all the time! And the price for Curlaway is unbelievable for what you get. Affordable for everyone! You definitely have a HOT product – my hair is soft, shiny and silky!" M.M., Carlisle, PA
"I want to encourage anyone thinking about trying this product to DO IT! It really, really works. I am of African-American and Japanese descent and my hair is tightly curled. I have chemically straightened my hair since the age of 13 years (I am now 46 years old). I got into trouble by applying double chemicals because I started highlighting as well as straightening my hair and boy did it fry! Well, I knew I had to let my hair have a break from both chemicals so I tried the gel.... I really cannot tell you the difference these products made. I no longer have to apply straightener and my hair is healthy looking again. What a life saver! The price is a little pricey but not compared to having healthy looking hair again! This is worth every penny. TRY THIS PRODUCT - you will love it!!!! I am on my third order today and I normally do not respond to testimonials for products UNLESS I SEE RESULTS! You will see results too - guaranteed. Love this stuff!!!" Marie Pando, Ventura, CA
"I’ve used Curlaway for six months. My hair is STRAIGHT. This is such a great product it should be at retail! [Note from Xenna: Curlaway is going retail!! Look for it in displays at your local beauty supply store by the end of April!] For the first couple of months I didn’t see a big change, but then WOW! I’m really happy! Curlaway is a miracle worker! The secret is to know how to use it. Here’s what I do: I apply a heavy coat 3 times a week at night then comb my hair straight then cover it with a bandana. In the morning I apply a small amount of Curlaway and comb my hair straight again and goes STRAIGHT. If I want some waves, I just don’t comb it in the morning. Now I can do whatever I want with my hair, but I love it STRAIGHT. With other products my hair got dry and damaged, but not with Curlaway. I hope it’s always available and NEVER discontinued." F.L., New York, NY
"Although I have yet to see a change in the amount of curl (I'm not too coordinated with wrapping around rollers), I tried the overnight treatment putting my hair in a tight braid to experiment. I have hated my hair for as long as I can remember. This morning I was thrilled with what I saw - completely manageable, soft, shiny, non- frizzy hair. Even if my hair doesn't relax (I've been told by so many stylist that my hair will not straighten with anything but I'm not losing hope), the reduction in frizz makes this product worth every cent and more. I had co-workers wanting to come up and touch my hair and I have been able to wear it down for the first time in so long." SM, Portland, ME
"I just started using the Curlaway hair relaxer and my hair feels great! I am an African American woman and my hair is very nappy. Is it still possible for my hair to be straight with Curlaway? If so, how many treatment applications would I have to do? [Answer: It will take about 25 overnight applications for your type of hair to straighten completely using Curlaway Gel.]" Maggie (by email)
"The only product I ever found that encouraged overlapping was Curlaway ( I use it over my Phtyo in the summer when humidity is highest. I love the stuff. But it's not cheap and when I tried to use it on my virgin hair it took a billion applications to change the curl pattern. But the very first application made it shiny and easier to comb. "
"I would like to thank you for making a product that relaxes my tight curls and doesn't have harsh chemicals. Like many other African American woman, my hair has been damaged by relaxers that promised beautiful hair. I even thought of shaving my head, because most of my hair fell out. My family talked me out of it. One day I found your website and decided to give your product a try. My hair feels so soft and strong now, I can't believe it. I usually press my hair with a hot comb after a treatment and I was happy with the results. Thank you for saving the rest of my hair. Your product leaves me worry free and I hope I will see it in stores very soon." M.D., Medford, MA
"Curlaway is really good. It takes a little while, but I Iove my results!" A.S., Indianapolis, IN
"I hate getting relaxers. They hurt. My scalp sheds for 2 weeks...I get sores...and that's from the mild ingredients. I found something that works..this product works and your hair doesn't stink for a week from the product. My hair is thick..I'm 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Black. I've been getting relaxers since I was 14 and I'm 41 years old. It's amazing and my hair feels healthy and it didn't break off. People need to stop thinking they have to get no-lye/lye relaxers...all those chemicals so close to your's frightening. TRY THIS, It works!" MLK, OH
"I have been using the Curlaway gel for 6 months and I love it. I get complements on my hair all the time now. I am 30, white and used to have very tight blonde curly hair and now my hair is in gorgeous loose waves. I have recommended the Curlaway gel to all my friends now. Thank you for such a great product. For new users I would recommend to be patient, it takes time to see the difference, but it's worth it." Posted on Kudosboard, 10-10-05
"Curlaway Gel left my hair feeling sleek and squeaky clean and there was a sheen and silkiness to it. I was impressed.
I use many different products like shampoo, conditioner, texture relaxers, and the like on my hair for the last 5 - 7 years and Curlaway is probably the best one in terms of overall effectiveness. It is much better using it at my leisure at home than going to my hairdresser and sitting there trying to talk to someone I cannot relate with for almost an hour and paying $40 for a blow dry treatment and straight hair for less time than I get it straight with CurlAway. I went to today and ordered Ian Charles Gel plus read about your other products. I see your business is expanding its product line and my best regards to you and your company's continued success. I intend to continue using Xenna products. They are great!" Rick Armishaw, Vancouver, Canada
"This is my third order. Curlaway gets better results using it more often. I love this product!" K.N. Ventura, CA
"I am calling to say that your product really works! I used it for a little less than 4 hours and my hair came out absolutely beautiful! Very natural looking and not that permed look. I don’t like using store products because they are too strong and if I’m not careful to rinse it out in time my hair looks dead. But Curlaway is great! I’ll be using it from now on." M.G., NY, NY
"I have virgin hair and all I can say is Curlaway is wonderful! It’s better than a relaxer. My hair is tangle-free and goes silky-straight with just a flat-iron. No fuss! Curlaway is great. My sister-in-law asked me what I’d done to my hair because it looks so good. Now she’s purchased Curlaway because we all want to get away from chemical relaxers." J. J., Statesboro, GA
"Have you tried showing Curlaway to "Sally Beauty supply ("? They are one of the largest chains of beauty supply stores in America. You've got a great product, if only more people knew about it." M. M., by email
"I was hesitant, at first, to try Curlaway, but I have been using it on my chemically-treated hair and like the way it’s so gentle on my hair and makes it easy to style." D. C., Strongsville, OH
"My results are great! This is the 5th application and I no longer have to use the flat iron much. My hair is a lot straighter! I also use a very little bit during the day on my hair as a styling gel. I like the new fragrance, too." J. J. (no address given)
"When I use Curlaway over pre-texturized/relaxed hair, the results are phenomenal--it refreshes an old relaxer and smooths out frizz. When using directly on new growth, I obviously need to use a few times to get the desired effect." A.B., Brooklyn, NY
"I just wanted something to tame my very curly hair and Curlaway is working! I also want to pass on a few suggestions for how best to use it. I found that pulling my hair into two ponytails and then wrapping the “tail” end around large Velcro rollers and pulling them up to the top of my head is the best way to get tight curls straight while the gel is on. I also spritz my hair with water when the gel starts to dry under my bandana Finally, if you need to use any clips, use plastic rather than metal ones. " J.G., Worthington, OH
"I ordered Curlaway to loosen my 4b hair, not to straighten it. The directions said to keep it in for up to 9 hours but I did just 2 hrs. When I combed in the gel...I noticed a difference right away. Now my hair is exactly the way I wanted it. Woooo Hoooo. I totally recommend it. If you want straight hair you've got to keep it in longer then blow dry and/or flat iron. This stuff is awesome. " M.O., Vancouver, BC
"I love your Curlaway! It takes out the frizz and really improves manageability! " J.B., Philadelphia, PA
"Applying some gel to my hair while wet, right after shampooing, then combing through and blowdrying has gotten rid of the frizzies completely. " Rick by email
"I have African American hair and I am so surprised Curlaway works! I am in shock! It’s a slow process, but it works! " F.F., Sunrise, FL
"Curlaway is amazing! When I rinsed out my hair after the first application it was so silky and smooth. Just as good as the Japanese Method, and a lot less expensive! I love this product! Curlaway lives up to its claims. " A. S., NY, NY
"When my hairdresser said, “I’ve never seen your hair in such good condition as it is right now” I knew that that only thing I’d done differently is use Curlaway Gel. Then she showed me how smooth and long my hair was in the back where there used to be uneven, dry ends. All the credit goes to Curlaway! " C.B., Princeton, NJ
"After using Curlaway for two nights, I got my hair stick-straight in just 30 minutes. It used to take me 1 1/2 hours to blow-dry and flat-iron. Curlaway is amazing!" M. H., Indianapolis, IN
"I tried your Curlaway …and then I hit on something I wish to share with you. I applied the product sparingly after washing and conditioning my hair. I pulled it back into a pony tail and then I set the pony tail with four velcro 2.5 inch rollers - hair came out great. Velcro also makes 3 inch rollers. Up to that point I could not find a way to "wrap hair" as you recommended - rather tricky for those who are not adept at "hair wrapping" or have not done it before (my case). Using these giant rollers so easy and made such a difference in the effectiveness of your product that I would recommend you buy the velcro rollers wholesale and sell them on your site along with the Curlaway…. There is no pulling or catching of the hair on the unrolling process - they come off smoothly and without any hair loss.

The final result was silky hair, which still had body. In its natural state, my hair is extremely frizzy. I am 55 and in all my life I have never seen a Caucasian individual with frizzier or bushier hair than what I have - some are equal but I am as extreme as it gets. Before I used the rollers with your product the ponytail was always frizzy while the front part of my hair (pulled back straight) was relatively smooth. Now with the rollers, the whole head is fine. " SES, Boston, MA
"Since using Curlaway my hair is silky, silky soft. I am a fashion model and must tell you this story. I just auditioned at QVC to be a hair model and the casting director said, "We could sell just about anything with your hair." The last time I auditioned for them, he didn't like me because my hair was too curly. This time he kept running his fingers through my hair and the model next to me complained that he didn't even look at her hair. I think Curlaway Gel will do very well, especially in the Hispanic market. They will love it!" E.B., Hamilton, NJ
"I can’t put relaxers on my hair anymore, so I tried Curlaway. This is my third jar and I just love it! It is amazing. I have been using it since October, leaving it in my hair for several hours before I shampoo once a week. My hair has never been so soft and silky! I usually wear it down and use my daughter’s flat iron to smooth it completely. I have been telling all my friends and gave a jar away. You should put Curlaway in beauty supply stores soon! This is the kind of product everyone with African American hair wants." B. D., Rahway, NJ
"Curlaway is a really good product. I have been trying relaxers for the past 20 years and Curlaway is the first one that leaves my hair shiny and natural-looking. All I can say is you have a really, really good product!" G. E., Simi Valley, CA
"I still had one jar of Curlaway left from my last order and used it for a 9-hour treatment Monday night. Because my hair is shoulder length, I think I can get away with using a jar and a half at this point. One jar isn't quite enough. Boy, did it make a difference!" A.A., by email
"I have been using Curlaway for about 18 months with good results. I only tried the heavy application once...but didn't see much of a difference. Then I read the suggestion to use it as a leave-in conditioner-straightener, and it worked great! My hair responds quickly to a ceramic straightening iron - only 5-10 minutes to soft straight hair. Also, using it as a leave-in product really extends the time between purchases - I get at least six months from a jar. Be patient, it might take a couple of weeks to notice results." KS, posted on Amazon
"I LOVE Curlaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hair looks sooooooooooo good. I want to be the company spokesperson or sell for you!" G.C., New York, NY
"Curlaway is fabulous for improving the condition of my chemically straightened hair. I put it on for an hour or so before going out and it brings back my hair's natural shine. My hair just feels healthier with Curlaway! It's really a relaxer-conditioner!" D.H., Manasquan, NJ
"After only one shampoo with Curlaway, coworkers said my hair was healthier looking and more voluminous. It was also straighter than when I've shampooed with other products." E.M., New York, NY
"Both Curlaway products together are wonderful. Great results. Thanks so much!" D.L., Westborough, MA
"Before using, my hair was hugely frizzy, damaged, and somewhat wavy, not curly. I've used it twice, once for 3 hours and once overnight. The overnight method was easier because I was asleep, so it didn't annoy me to have a cap on my head. My results are shiny, bouncy, frizz-free hair--not straight, but it has relaxed some of my weird wave bumps. I used it as an alternative to a conventional hair straightener/relaxer. I've stopped coloring my hair and don't want to damage it any more, now that the new growth is shiny and healthy. Even though Curlaway is expensive, I feel that it's worth it because it's effective but hasn't damaged my hair at all. It has a strong green-apple smell and can sting hands if you have a cut, similar to lime juice, but you don't need to use gloves to apply it. " by email
"Curlaway was amazing. Had to use just a little of it. Actually, it was amazingly good. " C. R., North New Jersey
"Guess what! DO NOT blow dry hair if you want it to look like Asian Straight. For this look, you must use velcro rollers when totally wet, dry under dryer until bone dry, then flat iron with a little blow-dry product. The hair will look Chinese straight for a week...even better after 3 days!" D. M., US Army
"My first impression after using Curlaway was that I'm very excited! My hair is more relaxed after the first application (overnight) and two people told me that my hair really looks good today. I can definitely see a difference!." L.P. Cary, NC
"I like Curlaway because it’s a whole lot easier to style my hair. It’s quick, fast and easier to comb through. After using Curlaway the curls are more defined after using gel. The smell is terrific and you can see a really big difference after the first use in the texture of your hair. Curlaway is great for African-American hair because our hair is denser and it makes it much smoother and easier to comb through. Curlaway is really cool! A.D., Trenton, NJ (male, age 17)
"Curlaway really does take away the frizz and I had a lot of it. A really good product! My Hair is a lot softer after using just once. I certainly will be ordering more." G.C., San Antonio, TX
"Just wanted to tell you I had great results with my retreatment of Curlaway last night/this morning. My hair is almost stick straight now! My hair was very smooth and silky today after I applied Curlaway and some moisture gloss." R.A., Vancouver, BC
"I did my hair with Curlaway the night before prior to going to my hairstylist, whom I hadn't seen in a long while. It's a well-known curly hair only salon. They get angry if one shows up with straight hair. Well, I showed up this time, to get a haircut, as they are well known in the industry to be curly hair mavens, or, the Queen of Curl, as the owner is known. I was afraid to go, but I needed to splurge on a good cut in time for the inevitable "summer-time-humid-weather-big-frizz-hair." They are masters of the curl and do a wonderful job with cuts.
I didn't realize how straight the Curlaway had made my hair! Vincent, my stylist, was reprimanding me … because I showed up with stick straight wet hair. I'd done the overnight process and washed out any tell-tale signs. When he finished the cut, he put me under heat lamps, and then an assistant completed drying with a diffuser. All the while, Vincent good-naturedly berated me … because there was no curl left in the hair. That's how straight my hair was. Everyone else around me had curly hair and I felt like a traitor, I couldn't say too much. Alas, I can only afford them once or twice a year, but, I am afraid to go there with bone straight hair. I am of mixed African and Portuguese ancestry and have Latina type, but more tightly coiled hair. Mom has Indian texture, loosely curled Botticelli-like hair.
When he was styling it after it had dried and saw the results, even Vincent was evidently surprised and said, "Oh, look, your hair has come back from the dead. It is a miracle, we performed a miracle! It's very soft. You know, you actually have very nice hair texture, you just have to learn to deal with the curl and leave it alone." Well, I have to tell you, my hair is so soft and shiny, I kept wondering what he'd done to it. I kept looking at it, and trying not to touch it too much, (one is not supposed to break the curl pattern by running fingers into it wet or dry, this is when one gets frizz-Vincent's mantra!) It wasn't until yesterday while touching it (bad fingers, bad!) that I realized I had done the Curlaway relaxer! My long hair had dried to a nice bouncy, elongated curl pattern and I only truly realized two days later, it was the Curlaway!!! He didn't do too much to it besides washing it, conditioning it and giving it a good hair cut, and yes, using the expensive products, which I have at home, but never get the same results from. Hence, the lesson on technique. However, the smooth texture and shine came from the Curlaway!!!
I have to do the roots with more Curlaway, because they are still a bit unruly, and I'd like to stretch the curl more on top, and I may need to do the roots a few more times to achieve the total look I want. I am not getting the Japanese thermal relaxer I had gotten in the past. Not only is it expensive, but it broke my hair off, and so, for this summer, I am using only Curlaway and my sisters are as well!… My hair is now similar to my mom's smoother, shiny texture!!! Unbelievable!
If I get a picture, I will send it to you, but only a side view, because I don't want Vincent to ban me from the salon if he found out it was all due to Curlaway at a fraction of their cost!!!" A.B., New York City

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