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Xenna ships only to addresses in the United States and its territories. If you require shipment to another country, please order NonyX Gel, CalleX and 183 Topical Solution at www.drugstore.com. To order Curlaway for international delivery, please go to www.outletnutrition.com. For international orders for NonyX and CalleX please go to www.medichest.com

Canadians wishing to order NonyX Nail Gel, please call Montrex Distributors, 514-737-8929

NonyX® Nail Gel
Gel para las uñas Nonyx®
For clear, healthy-looking toenails and fingernails. 3 - 4 month supply.
Para uñas sanas y limpias. Provisión suficiente
para 3 a 4 meses

$24.95, 4 oz. bottle
CalleX® Ointment
Ungüento para callos Callex®
For dry, cracked heels. 4 - 6 week supply.
Para callos y talones secos y cuarteados, piel y cutículas
Provisión suficiente para 4 a 6 meses.

$14.95, 1.75 oz. jar
Curlaway® Curl Relaxer
All Curlaway orders ship Priority Mail!
Relajador Rizos Curlaway.
1 - 2 month supply
Provisión suficiente para 1 a 2 meses
$19.99, 6 oz. jar