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Q: How long will it take to get out the keratin debris?

A: As keratin debris is exfoliated, the nail will reattach to the nail bed and start to look clear. The process depends on how much keratin debris is under your nails and how large of a debris pocket you have. It can take anywhere from 3 months to 18 months to remove all the keratin debris, depending on how much is there to begin with and your age. The older we are the slower our nails grow. It takes nail growth to see the pocket of keratin debris get smaller.

Q: What if my nails look no different after a month of using NonyX Nail Gel?

A: Be patient and be sure you are applying the drop of gel to the surface and underneath the tips of discolored nails (unless they are thin from taking antidepressants). And be sure to apply the gel twice daily and especially after bathing. Remember, it takes 21 days to make a habit. After that, you won't mind applying the gel.

In 3 to 4 weeks you should be able to scrape out some of the softened keratin debris from under your toenails or fingernails. Do not force the manicure tool or orange stick down into your nail - just scrape it along the underside of the nail tip. (Softened keratin debris looks like cottage cheese on your manicure tool.) At 2 months nail growth is visible to the eye and you should see a smaller pocket or border of keratin debris along the nail edges.

Weekly, use your manicure tool to remove any additional softened keratin debris, being sure to wipe it down with some additional NonyX Nail Gel afterwards to keep it clean.

Q:  How long will it take to see a difference on my heels?

Ar:  If you apply CalleX morning and evening, rubbing your heels with a wash cloth or pumice stone before reapplying, your heels will be softer in a few days and visibly smoother within a week.  It will take 2 to 4 weeks for complete exfoliation and soft, supple skin. Once your heels are no longer dry or cracked, apply CalleX 2 or 3 times a week at night for maintenance. 


Q:  Can I wear socks over my feet when I use CalleX?

A:  CalleX Ointment will not stain your socks and will actually work faster if you wear “footsies” or short tennis socks while sleeping.

Q: I am still a bit apprehensive while using this as I'm worried my hair will start falling out or it will have long term effects on my hair and cause early boldness. Also having short hair may make it more dangerous. Apparently the Rio straightener product claimed to be all natural as well and then peoples hair started falling out. Can you confirm that this will not happen with Curlaway? I've heard it has a natural volumising ingredient but even so, I'd rather have curly hair than no hair at all.

A: Curlaway HAS NONE OF THE INGREDIENTS IN RIO. We have sold it since 2003. I understand your concern and the Rio fiasco has made it difficult for good products like ours to succeed.

Q: How do I apply Curlaway?

A: To use as a wash-out treatment
Apply to relatively clean, wet hair. Working in sections, apply Curlaway generously, pulling hair straight on rollers or plastering hair down with clips. Over this you can place a cap, bandana or du-rag, if you intend to continue with daily activities. Periodically check under the wrap/hat/rag to be sure your hair has not dried out. If so, apply additional gel to these areas or spritz with water.

Treatment times: For frizz, leave on hair for 3 hours, then rinse out and shampoo. For curl relaxation, leave on for 3 - 9 hours (overnight), depending on your curl.

Curlaway Gel does not require a neutralizer. Simply rinse off the gel with warm water, then shampoo, if desired and apply your favorite conditioner or detangler.

To use as a leave-in conditioner (for fastest results)

For the fastest results, add a small amount of Curlaway Gel back into your hair as a leave-in conditioner. Then finishing as described above. Using a straightening iron, heat-comb or heat curlers will add more shine, smoothness and styling. Use the method that is best for you. Repeat all steps or select just one or two methods until your hair is as straight as you want it to be. Once you are happy with your hair, maintain its texture by using the gel as a leave-in conditioner.

Q: What is the shelf life?

A: The shelf life is 2 years.

Q: Who can I contact with questions or comments?

A: Xenna Corporation's customer service department is open during business hours Monday - Friday, Eastern time. Call toll free 800-368-6003. Email us at or visit

Q: How often can I use Curlaway Gel?

A: Repeat treatments as frequently as three times a week until you have your desired look.

Q: How can I maintain my relaxed hair?

A: Reuse Curlaway Gel only when curl or frizz return. Apply gel to new growth, as needed. Roots can be gradually straightened by applying gel to dry hair daily. Don't worry about applying the gel to previously-straightened hair. This won't cause breakage or dryness.

Q: What type of shampoo and conditioners should I use along with Curlaway?

A: Curlaway gel is completely compatible with other cleansing and styling products and you may wish to use your favorite brands for styling or shampooing interchangeably.

Q: How does the chlorine affect this product?

A: Chlorine seems to have no effect on the results of Curlaway. This is anecdotal evidence.

Q: How can a loose curl be achieved without straightening the hair?

A: Curlaway relaxes hair slowly. Even if pulled straight during a treatment, your curl will bounce back, but with each application slightly less curl will be there. Dito for frizz and the propensity to frizz.

Q: Do you have to use sprays or gels to maintain the curly look?

A: You do not have to use sprays or gels to keep your style/curls. Your hair will slowly go from tight curls to S-curls to ringlets to waves.....stop using Curlaway Gel when you have the look you want.

Q: My hair is thin, and I want to be able to get the benefits of your 183 Topical Solution for Thin and Fine Hair, but also want my hair to be straight. Can I use Curlaway along with your 183 Topical Solution?

A: You can use these products together, since you're only going to be using Curlaway one night at a time. Just skip the 183 application on the nights you use Curlaway. After several applications, Curlaway is used only once a month, in most cases.

Q: Do the straightening effects of Curlaway wash out after several shampoos?

A: The straightening and anti-frizz effects of Curlaway will gradually lessen over several weeks, requiring re-application. More frequent re-treatments will be necessary in humid seasons than in winter. Curlaway relaxes curl for between 2 to 8 weeks, depending on your hair type, length of each treatment and the number of treatments your hair has received. The more you use Curlaway, the straighter your hair becomes over time.

Curlaway has a cumulative effect. Once treated, hair will retain some of its straightness through the next application. You will want to adjust the application time or frequency of use to get the straightness or curl you like best.

Q: When I apply Curlaway, should I reapply it to ALL of my hair or just the new growth?

A: You will probably see that the ends and new hair growth need reapplication most. Curlaway is gentle and natural, so there is no harm in reapplying over previously treated hair. Apply to all new growth, and any previously treated hair that is beginning to show signs of becoming curly again, since parts of your old growth hair may be straighter than other parts. You can apply 3 times a week until the right amount of curl is removed, then just use whenever you see some unwanted curl coming back.

Q: How long will one bottle last?

A: Depending on hair length, one 6-ounce jar of the gel contains between 2 applications (for below-shoulder length hair, for example) to 8 applications (for short, men's hair). As a leave-in conditioner, one jar may last 6 months, depending on whether you are actively straightening hair or just maintaining it.

Q: I have shoulder length fine hair. My hair is only moderately wavy/frizzy. (a) Is one package enough for me to see some results? (b) About how many applications would it yield? (c) I don't want to buy a lot and find that it doesn't work for me. I don't want to buy too little and find that I cannot complete one application.

A: (a) Yes, one package is enough. (b) It should yield about 6-12 applications. (c) One jar should be enough. Leave the gel on overnight to maximize results.

Q: I want to get a trim. Is it better to do it before or after I reach my desired results? Or before I begin my treatment?

A: It doesn’t matter. Perhaps after is best.

Q: I have a leisure curl or a wave nouveau, and I am working on growing out of this chemical, and leaving chemicals altogether. I am going back to my natural hair, but my hair is pretty kinky. This is why I ordered your product. My question is how long do you think that I have to wait before I can use your curlaway on my hair. I have been told that no relaxers, not even the natural relaxers should be put on a thio chemical relaxer, which is what the leisure, carefree, wave nouveau, and all the other type curl products are. And what can you suggest to me about making the transition from the curl that I am letting grow out of my hair to your product?

A: To transition, I would suggest putting a small amount Curlaway Gel in your new growth daily, in addition to overnight treatments. Do NOT apply it daily as a leave-in to your relaxed hair, but it is OK if some of the Gel is on previously-relaxed hair.

Q: I understand that with adult application, Curlaway is safe to use on children. At what age is it safe on children? Are there limitations? Would you recommend use on a child under 4 years of age?

A: So long as the adult applies the gel and the hair is covered to prevent the child from getting any gel in the eyes, it is safe to use on children 3 years and older. Remember, too, that the child might rub the hair and then his eyes, so children need to understand your instructions to keep their hands out of gelled hair. A cloth bathing cap or doo-rag is best to keep the hair covered while gelling. Rinse the gel out with the head tilted backwards away from the eyes.

Q: I have about 3 inches of new growth and the rest of my hair is relaxed and damaged. Can I apply curlaway all over my hair or only to the new growth?

A: You can apply Curlaway all over.

Q: My hair has tight coils/ tight S pattern/ frizz. Can I get and maintain silky/wavy hair with curlaway?

A: Yes

Q: How long does relaxation last and how often can I apply it?

A: It lasts about 8 weeks, depends on your hair type. You can apply it nightly until you get the relaxation you want.

Q: How long should I leave it in?

A: Apply nightly and cover, rinse out in the morning. Apply a very small amount to wet hair and pull straight during drying with brush or on rollers.

Q: Will your product produce the same shine and gradual results as Rio?

A: It does what you describe Rio doing but probably more slowly.

Q: Does your product coat the hair, is that why it will wear off?

A: Curlaway does not coat the hair, it changes it, but eventually you need to reapply Curlaway to keep your hair straight - from once every 2 weeks to once every 6 weeks. One jar has 6 to 8 applications. I think that Rio coated the hair and when it wore off (rather was washed off over time) the hair went back to its natural state.

Q: Does your product moisturize the hair?

A: Yes. Curlaway contains natural grapeseed oil for moisturization.

Q: I am an African male with short hair (1 to 2 inches long). I like to keep my hair relaxed because of the unlimited styles you can have with straight hair. I find that even though my hair is 80% straight as soon as I take a shower or go swimming it starts to go back to normal, which I hate. My hair is not long enough to use curlers or a flat iron. Also, I find that when I relax my hair it gets very dry and is hard to keep in the style that I want without using lots of gel or hair spray. I just want straight soft hair that doesn't stick up, that is easy to style and looks natural. Would curlaway work for me?

A: Yes. Curlaway should definitely work for you.

Just use Curlaway at night with a du-rag when you sleep, then rinse out well and reapply a very small amount as a leave-in straightening/defrizzing conditioner. The light green apply fragrance disappears completely once your hair is dry.

You will probably need 2 –3 jars to reach your goal.

Q: I spend about 2 hours to fully straighten my hair. It takes me about 40 minutes to blow dry my hair in sections and then another 40 minutes to flat iron it in sections.(I have caucasian hair) I was looking at the before and after pictures and noticed that some of them look kind of frizzy still, and a little bit wavy. Why?

A: We do not doctor our photos. Some people prefer a little wave. Some people don't like to use a flat iron or a curling iron to smooth their hair after blow or air-drying. Drying under a bonnet dryer is actually the best method, as no high heat is then needed for the perfect result, but most people don't have one.

Q: I was wondering, from what I understand, you have to put this treatment in your hair and then press it down flat and keep it there. If you sort of fold your hair in half and then put a bandana or something on it, would it leave a crease mark from where it was folded?

A: No, Curlaway is very gentle and cannot cause a crease.

Q: I like my hair to be really straight, so if I used this product a few times, would it become naturally straight for as long as I use it? Even if I showered, and let it dry naturally, it would dry completely straight?

A: Yes.

Q: Would I still have to blow dry it or flat iron it?

A: It will be totally straight after about 10-20 applications, depending on your hair type and whether it is more porous due to coloring, but unless you use the Velcro-roller/heat bonnet method, you will still have to use a heat appliance to get the smoothness and shine you want. (I know this because I have your type of hair.) Caucasian curly hair is not oriental hair. It needs a bit of heat to look like oriental hair. Actually, African-American hair looks more like oriental hair when completely relaxed by Curlaway, than does Caucasian hair which needs a bit of heat.

Q: Are there any long term effects of this product?

A: No.

Q: If I use Curlaway for a long period of time, is my hair going to get really dry and brittle and possibley start to fall out?

A: Curlaway has 3 conditioners in it: MSM, DL-panthenol and grapeseed oil. However, we always advise a monthly conditioning treatment for all hair types, with or without using Curlaway.

Q: I don’t have long hair since I am a guy. I just want to ease curl on hair on my back and sides of the head. Since my hair is not long I can’t tie them up into pony tail or wrap around rollers or press hair flat with plastic clips. So how can I apply this product to my short hair? Can I use it like a normal gel and leave it on my hair for an extended period of time? I am not looking for a fast fix. I am looking for gradual and long term results.

A: You can use Curlaway as a leave-in relaxer using a light amount each day. If you want a faster treatment, try flattening your hair with a bandana or a baseball cap.

Q: I am male and have short hair. After I use this product, can I gel or wash my hair to have that wet spiky look or wil it curl back?

A: After using Curlaway 3 or 4 times, you will be able to gel your hair for the wet spiky look!

Q: Can it be used on african american hair which has never been relaxed and still achieve a straight relaxed look?

A: Curlaway will relax your natural hair to straight but it will take at least 20 applications and using the product in very small amounts as a leave-in. I estimate at least 5 jars will be required.

Q: I am an african american and I got so excited about your non-chemical product. I have REALLY KINKY HAIR and I want to loosen the curl to medium sized ringlets. I want to achieve that look with your product. BUT I DO NOT WANT STRAIGHT HAIR.

A: You won't get straight hair with Curlaway unless you continue to use it for a very, very long time. To get ringlets, you will probably have to add Curlaway gel to wet hair, then twist and bobby-pin by small sections and then let dry or sit under a bonnet dryer. When you pull out the pins they should fall as ringlets. Also, you can buy soft curlers for ringlets at your beauty-supply store and let your lightly-curlawayed hair set in them overnight. Eventually, as your hair gets more relaxed, you MAY not need to do this.

Q: When I use this relaxer, will it go back kinky if I get it wet or will it stay in the medium size shape.

A: At first if will appear to go back when wet, but actually it is about 5% more relaxed with every use.

Q: How long will shape last?

A: After you have used Curlaway as a treatment and as a leave-in daily for about 10 times and a month of leave-in applications, your hair will stay relaxed for about 4 - 6 weeks. Then you'll need to apply it again. I would also apply to the roots frequently, even when not applying to the rest of your hair to make sure the roots are as relaxed as the rest of your hair.

Q: I am using the Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer Kit. My question is can I use both the Curlaway Curl Relaxer Gel and the Oliver Oil Relaxer at the same time. From what you write the Curlaway is like a leave in conditioner. I should be able to use both product since the Curlaway is semi permanent.

A: You should be able to use a dab of Curlaway as a daily, leave-in conditioning relaxer after using the Olive Oil Relaxer, but I would try it on a swatch of hair initially, just to make sure. Since there are so many different hair-types and relaxing products these days, it is best to try a test area for a few days before using Curlaway everywhere. As an over-night treatment, I would also apply Curlaway to just a swatch to make sure you like the results.

Q: My 10 year old daughter is bi-racial. She has very, very thick and very, very tight curls. She was upset this morning because of her hair for school. I tried relaxers but they make her hair straight on the ends and then it doesn't look nice because it is relaxed at the top but the ends are poker straight. I have had to cut her ends off several times because part is relaxed curl and part is straight. I was wondering if this product really works? If I use it on her hair overnight will it really relax the curl? That is the result I am looking for. Not necessarily straight permanently - just relaxed curl.

A: Curlaway will not loosen your daughter's hair in one overnight treatment, but with regular use as a light styling gel (daily) and a few overnight treatments a week it will gradual relax the curl and allow you to style her hair in looser curls. We estimate 2 jars would be needed over a period of 2 months, depending on her hair type and the amount of relaxation she wants. She could continue using for more relaxation after that or just apply a light coat to the roots daily. If you decide to order, please be sure to follow the directions and use a wash-out conditioner after each overnight treatment.

Q: I am an African American female with natural hair that I started to grow out about 9 months ago after my hair became severely damaged due to chemical over processing (by a beautician no less)! Currently, all of the chemical is out of my hair, and my natural hair is about 4 or 5 inches long on the top and about 2 - 3 inches long in the back while wet (it shrinks as it dries). I have no desire to return to a chemical process, but my hair is very thick, course, and I have tiny tight curls. My hair tangles very easily and I can't comb it while it's dry (I have to put a detangling moisturizer on it or comb it wet from the shower). The only style I can wear now is a small tight afro. I would like to be able to wear it in some of the new styles for natural hair (ringlets, corkscrew, natural wave, etc.), but my hair is too tight to do any of those things. Could I achieve a looser ringlet or corkscrew curl with your product?

If so, what would be the best way for me to achieve these results with your product (i.e., how long to keep the gel in, how many jars would I need, how often would I have to do it for it to "take")?

I know you probably get this all the time, but is your product really chemically free - or am I going to have to "grow" this product out of my hair for it to return to its current natural state?

Last, but certainly not least - I'm currently pregnant (due in February 2007). Is it safe for me to use this product now, or should I wait until after I deliver?

A: Yes, you could achieve a looser ringlet or corkscrew curl with our product.

Use both ways, as a bi-weekly treatment overnight and as a daily leave-in, applied lightly as a styling gel. It will take about 3 months to get loose curls, or about 3 to 4 jars, given your hair length. Thereafter, each jar should last about 4 months for maintenance applications (twice monthly overnight and 3 times weekly as a leave-in). This is a guess, however, as hair types differ. You will still have to style your hair once a week using curlers to get just the ringlets you want.

Since Curlaway does not break disulfide bonds, your hair will recurl on its own after several weeks it you do not continue to apply it. The only chemicals in Curlaway are the monostearate 400 which holds the water and oil together in an emulsion, the fragrances and the hair conditioner, DL-Panthenol.

Wait until you delivery the baby. We are a woman-owned company and all mothers. We recommend not using anything unnecessarily while pregnant and suggest you plan to start using Curlaway after the baby is born.

Q: I was letting my hair grow out to a natural, but it was so hard to manage. I put a relaxer in it, I want to know if I can still use the Curlaway.

A: You can still use Curlaway after using a chemical relaxer. Just wait one or two weeks before starting Curlaway after the relaxer application.

Q: I am a Afro-Caribbean person with very coarse hair and difficult to comb through. I am interested in purchasing your Curlaway Hair relaxer products but I have few questions to asked.

1. Will I feel any scalp sensation even after scratching the scalp before or during the application of the relaxer ?

2. Is there any thing in the ingredients that will cause my hair to break, even a little bit? I am mostly concern about the ingredients highlighted in blue. (ingredients Patented Curlaway Curl Relaxer contains naturally-derived aqueous acetic acid (pH lowering agent) with PEG 400 monostearate (emulsifier) d-panthenol, MSM (both conditioners), grapeseed oil (moisturizer) and fragrances.)

3. My hair is thick, long, easily tangled and very coarse (but I love my hair and do not want it to break, just softens a little so that it becomes more manageable). will the relaxer work on my hair? If yes, will I need two kits?

4. Will the first time (first application) of using curlaway, softens my hair so that it is easily comb through?

5. What if I want my hair to go back to the natural look will it cause my hair to break in the process?

A: 1. Not before applying, but if you break the skin of your scalp by scratching while the gel is applied it could sting due to the acetic acid in the gel. Once the gel is removed, there is no sensation should you scratch your scalp.

2. These ingredients will not cause breakage.

3. Yes, it should make it much easier to comb and style. One or 2 jars, depending on your hair and what method you use (extended treatment and rinse-out or daily light applications) - and how often do I have to re-apply the relaxer? In summer 2x per month if you are in a humid climate. In winter probably once a month.

4. Yes, but be sure to rinse out the gel, lightly shampoo and finish with a good wash-out conditioner.

5. Just stop using Curlaway and gradually, within 4-8 weeks, the original texture will return.

Q: I am african-american and have 4b hair. I have been wearing braids and weaves for a few years and have grown out my hair to be all natural (relaxer free) and about 12 in. long. However I haven't yet seen or dealt with my hair in it's natural state except the front part. I would like to be able to wear my hair in medium natural curls. How many application would it take to loosen my curl enough for wash and go hair?

Also like most african american women I don't wash my hair during the week (takes too much time) and I only wash it during the weekend. Can I use curlaway on dry hair on a daily basis for wearing natural or before flat ironing in order to get the desired results?

Everyone seems to recommned overnight wear and rinsing in the morning, but I don't have that kind of time to deal with my hair before I go to work.

A: There really is no such thing as "wash and go" hair in our experience. All really terrific styles need some special attention to get the right look. With Curlaway you may need to use a curling wand for perfect ringlets, for example, or a strong styling gel for a man's spiked look - see photos on However, you can loosen your natural curls using about 3 jars of Curlaway to the point where it is very easy to style after washing and during the week. This will take about 3 months.

Yes, absolutely! Use just a small amount, however, or your hair will appear to have too much "gel" in it.

Then just do the treatments once a week on the weekend until your hair is relaxed; then once a month for maintenance.

Q: 1) I am asking this question because I just want to know everything about the product that I will be using. As I read the website I came across a sentence that is telling me how the curlaway works and don't understand, can you educate me? This is the sentence "Curlaway Curl Relaxer breaks hydrogen bonds in the keratin protein of your hair, not S-S bonds like conventional, high-pH relaxers." Can you please explain.

2) I know you say Curlaway will not cause my hair to break but, when curlaway relaxer breaks hydrogen bonds of my hair, Can the bonds reform or is it permanent or temporary break?

3) Can you tell me if the Curlaway comes in a kit ( eg. Shampoo, condition and moisturizers) or it is just the gel only?

4) Can you send me the location as well as the price of the product plus the shipping price for international order. ( if different from the website).

A: 1) Hydrogen bonds keep naturally curly Caucasian hair curly. When Caucasian curly hair gets wet, these hydrogen bonds get very weak and their hair uncurls and becomes straight. Regular use of Curlaway makes hydrogen bonds weaker causing some relaxation in all hair types. Traditional relaxers rely on breaking the disulfide bond (two sulfur molecules tightly held together) which causes hair to lose all its curl. After the disulfide bonds break due to the high pH of these formulations, the hair is either pulled straight manually with a comb or rolled onto curlers, as in the case of a wave. Then the reaction is stopped by a pH neutralizer. Curlaway is very different. It does not break the disulfide bond – which can only be done with high pH products. Instead, we believe Curlaway Gel changes the electron charge on the “anchoring molecules” that support the disulfide bond molecules in the matrix of the hair, causing the disulfide bond to rotate gently within the hair shaft and curl to loosen. This is why applying Curlaway daily or in regular treatments results in gradual curl release without breakage.

2) Just like wetting your hair doesn’t damage it, so breaking hydrogen bonds doesn’t damage it. The bonds will reform as the hair dries, which is why it is VERY IMPORTANT to pull or roll hair straight around large rollers during the drying phase, so that the hydrogen bonds are not able to cause any re-curling. With regular use of Curlaway they become weaker over time, even when hair is dry.

3) Right now, just the gel. We recommend you use a good wash-out hair conditioning/detangler AND a moisturizer like olive oil or other oil-based products for your hair type regularly, and especially after every Curlaway overnight treatment. Curlaway contains moisturizing grapeseed oil, but this is rinsed out and all hair benefits of regular conditioning with moisturizing.

4) You can order from I think the cost is about $18.00, plus international shipping.

Q: I am a African-American in San Francisco, CA. and, I like what I have read on the website. It seems, I have found what I am looking for a relaxer that does not break or damage hair.

1. I read on the website that curlaway relaxer breaks hydrogen bonds of the hair and I know that the hydrogen bonds is 35% of the hair's strength. I also know that water can break hydrogen bonds and the bonds can reform after the hair dries, but I don't know if when curlaway relaxer breaks hydrogen bonds, if it's permanent or not?

2a. If I use the relaxer for long period of time, can it cause my hair to overprocess?
2b. In other words, suppose I go over the recommended time to keep in the curlaway, then will it cause my hair to overprocess?

A: 1. Not permanent, which is why hair must be pulled straight while drying so that the bonds do not become tight again. Your curl will return if you stop using Curlaway within a few weeks. The more you use Curlaway the more relaxed your hair gets. If you stop using Curlaway the hydrogen bonds gradually become tighter and your curl is back.

2a. No.
2b. No. The gel is very mild and it takes many treatments and/or a month of light leave-in daily applications for the relaxation to be partial and, within a few months, complete. Still, the curl will eventually come back once discontinued completely. Most people we estimate use it 2x/month for maintenance.

Q: 1a. I read that curlaway can be used as a leave in conditioner. Does that mean that we can apply it generously at night and leave it on for more than 9 hours, for the weekend?
1b. Will that break off my hair?
1c. Have better quicker results?

2. Also can you put some pictures on your website of people (afro-american) that used curlaway and their natural results. I see that most of your pictures are of people that used a straightener after applying curlaway?

3. I have afro-american hair and when I use a straightener my hair becomes really straight as well!

A: 1a. Yes.
1b. No.
1c. Yes.


3. THE FLAT IRON (if this is what you mean by straightener) does not have to be extremely hot after using Curlaway which means that it will straighten hair at a lower temperature and not dry out the hair or cause it to break as appliance heat over 300 degrees Fahrenheit (temperature of salon flat irons) will do

Q: What is the best way to use Curlaway on long hair? What do I do with the hair that's the "tail" of the pony?

A: Pull your hair back into 2 or more ponytails and then wrap the "tail" end around large Velcro rollers and pull them up to the top your head. This is the best way to get tight curls straight while the gel is on.

Q: What if my hair dries out during a treatment?

A: Spritz your hair with water when the gel starts to dry under your bandana.

Q: What kind of clips should I use?

A: Use plastic rather than metal clips.

Q: Can I use a flat iron or wand on my hair with Curlaway?

A: You no longer have to be afraid that use of a flat iron will damage or dry out your hair once you’ve used Curlaway for a while. Unlike conventional alkaline relaxers containing chemicals, Curlaway doesn’t damage hair so it is perfectly safe to use a flat iron on your “Curlaway hair”. Just as neat, Curlaway makes hair very responsive to heat (due to the loosening of hydrogen bonds) so that hair goes smooth and straight at a lower temperature than ever before. This reduces the risk of hair damage from the heat appliance significantly.

Q: I know they say you can apply as a leave in conditioner, My question is if you apply as a leave in conditioner everyday and that is the only technique that you are doing, then would you see results eventually or should you do the night treatments also ? I was trying to get away from doing the night treatments. I just wanted to take a shower then put some in my hair and go on about my day. Will that work?? how soon will i see results??? There seems to be so many ways this stuff can be applied its a little confusing.

A: I understand your confusion. We recommend at least 2 nightly treatments per week with daily leave-ins initially until you see that your curl is relaxed enough to easily get the style you want.
How many weeks this takes depends on how curly your hair in initially and if it has been relaxed with chemicals or color-treated. Chemically-treated hair responds faster to Curlaway than untreated hair.
You can try daily leave-in on wet or dry hair to avoid the hassle of nightly treatments. It may work just fine. It all depends on the condition of your hair.

Q: I have quite curly relatively short caucasian male hair. I've applied it 5 times now and still can't achieve the spiky look using gel, my hair flops down and goes into curls/waves again - is there a way to achieve the spikes? Do you have any tips for applying it as there is still a slight wave on the top of my head after application, and the fringe and sideburns are almost impossible to keep straight and go into waves. Also, will these waves be erradicated if I use it more or will they stay the same if I let the gel dry slightly wavey?

A: For a true spike, you'll need to buy a strong-hold hair gel like Bed Head. These types of gel have the thickness and strength to keep your hair straight and not at the tips.
If you can keep the hair straight while Curlaway is on with a cap or clips it will relax faster than if the gel is left on wavy hair, but either way, continuous use as a daily leave-in and overnight treatments when you can will get you to totally straight hair over time.

Q: a.Does curlaway protect against humidity?

b. Isn't it damaging to flat iron the hair all the time to keep it straight with your product?

c. Can I use curlaway with the Aphogee Protein Reconstructer without it interfearing with the results of curlaway?

d. I don't really understand the whole "stretching" out the hair when you apply the gel. Do mean to do a hair wrap? I have type 4b hair, but not tightly curled or kinky. I would say I have more of an s-shaped curl then the z-shaped curl.

e. Can I get curlaway in the dc area?

A: a. Yes.

b. You can use the flat iron at a lower temperature than you do now because Curlaway makes hair very responsive to heat-styling so your hair is not damaged by the heat.

c. I don’t know. We have no experience with this product. You should do a swatch test before proceeding with joint usage.

d. What we mean is to pull your hair straight. The hair itself is not stretched. We mean to pull it straight and wrap it over a roller or pin it flat and as straight as possible.

e. There are no Walgreens or beauty supply stores carrying Curlaway in Washington, DC. You can order it from your Walgreen’s drugstore by asking them to order Walgreens Item #581042 or you can order at