NEW Curlaway Curl Relaxer gradually removes curl and eliminates frizz without damaging your hair. With Curlaway you control how much curl to remove and get the easy to manage style you want, be it S-curls, ringlets, wavy, full and loose curls or completely straight.

Curlaway Curl Relaxer is money-back guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with Curlaway products, simply call us for a full refund.

Curlaway is the only product we know of that does not contain harsh alkalines. It relaxes hair using very gentle, natural ingredients that are low in pH, not high in pH like alkalines. Your hair is perfectly safe using Curlaway to reduce your curl gradually and add softness and manageability.

Label Directions
Curlaway Curl Relaxer was developed to provide a safe and effective way to semi-permanently straighten all types of curly hair. Your hair gradually loses curl and, at the same rate, will gradually recover curl once you stop using it.

The relaxing gel's patented formula is safe on skin and leaves your hair softer, shinier, easier to comb and style, and as straight or wavy as YOU like!

In two-five applications Curlaway Curl Relaxer turns tight curls into S-curls and make hair respond quickly to a ceramic straightening iron - "only 5-10 minutes to soft, straight hair", reports one happy user. With continued use, S-curls become wavy curls and, eventually, bouncy locks. The more you use Curlaway Curl Relaxer, the straighter your hair becomes. Some prefer to use the gel as a leave-in overnight treatment, others use it daily as a hair conditioner. But with either method (or combining both) the process is gradual to assure that your hair is never damaged! Be patient, it might take a couple of weeks to notice results.

Curlaway products are safe to use on chemically-treated hair, included straightened and permed hair, color-treated hair and bleached hair. Curlaway Curl Relaxer straightens hair on a semi-permanent basis. Relaxation lasts 3 to 8 weeks, depending on hair type.

"My hair is so silky, that it’s hard to believe that it is really mine. Thank you so much for making so fine a product. Regular chemical relaxers break my hair.... I would like to introduce Curlaway Relaxer to my customers." Rita Zorn & Associates, Grand Prairie, TX

"I am getting great results with Curlaway! I have very long hair. Curlaway has really smoothed it out and removed the waves and frizz." K.N., Ventura, CA"


  • Safely and gradually relaxes curl
  • Reduces frizz
  • Adds softness and shine
  • Improves combing of African American virgin hair
  • Makes hair extremely responsive to heat styling
  • Safe for use on children's and men's hair
  • Effective for all hair types – Caucasian, Hispanic and African American
  • Safe on chemically-processed hair, including previously straightened hair and dyed or bleached hair
  • Makes all hairstyles easier to create and maintain, including the newest hairstyles favored by African Americans
  • Unconditionally money-back guaranteed

Patented Curlaway Curl Relaxer contains naturally-derived aqueous acetic acid (pH lowering agent) with PEG 400 monostearate (emulsifier) d-panthenol, MSM (both conditioners), grapeseed oil (moisturizer) and fragrances.

Directions for Use
Curlaway is safe to use on permed or color-treated hair. Curlaway is compatible with all hair styling and conditioning products.

Curlaway-treated hair establishes it’s straighter "memory" during the drying phase.

How to apply Curlaway
Dampen your hair for easiest application, but you can also apply to dry hair – just harder to do. Add the gel to hair and comb through. Pull hair straight and tie or pin flat as possible. Cover hair with a bandana to keep gel moist. Wash out gel with very warm water after 4 – 9 hours. Use favorite conditioner, if desired. Towel dry and comb in your favorite leave-in conditioner/detangler or a small amount (dime-size dollop) of Curlaway gel. Pull hair straight again and blow or air-dry or pull straight in large rollers and dry under a bonnet dryer. Repeat until hair is as relaxed as desired.

For fastest results
Apply Curlaway Gel to wet or dry hair and pull hair straight by tying up into ponytails, wrapping around rollers or pressing hair flat with plastic clips. Leave gel on hair 3 to 9 hours (overnight). Rinse out, apply your favorite leave-in conditioner (if desired) or a very small amount of Curlaway Gel (pea-size dollop) and dry hair, pulling hair straight into ponytails or on large rollers, or blow-drying as hair is pulled straight with a brush. Finish with a heat-styling tool or added smoothness and shine. Repeat as frequently as every other day.

Click here to read and print out best way to blow-dry your hair after using Curlaway or shampooing

For more gradual relaxation, maintenance and new growth
Add a small amount of Curlaway Gel daily to roots or hair with the palms of your hands and comb through.

Use on Men and Children’s Hair
The natural ingredients in Curlaway will not break or damage your hair, or irritate your scalp. Curlaway is safe to use on children's hair (under your supervision), men's hair, and processed hair (color-enhanced, permed or straightened hair). Remember that Curlaway's straightening properties are cumulative - each time you use it, your hair becomes slightly straighter. This is a gradual process, so do not expect dramatic relaxation after the first application. By the sixth application, your curl will be significantly relaxed and you can continue treatments for more straightening, or keep the looser curls for a more "natural" look.

You can se Curlaway as a leave-in relaxer using a light amount each day. If you want a faster treatment, try flattening your hair with a bandana or a baseball cap.

Curlaway may be used on children's hair by an adult. Do not allow children to apply the gel themselves. Because Curlaway contains a natural plant acid, it is an eye irritant, and children should be told to keep their hands away from the gel to avoid accidental eye contact. Their hair should be wrapped in plastic wrap followed by a bandana or ball cap to avoid any dripping onto the face and particularly the eye area. If eye contact occurs, flush eyes with cool water immediately.

Keeping your hair relaxed or returning to more curls
If you stop using Curlaway, your hair will gradually revert to its previous texture/curl. Your results are semi-permanent and your hair will begin to re-curl in three to six weeks, depending on your hair type and humidity levels. When you retreat your hair, you may apply it to all parts of the hair, including those areas that were already relaxed. You can re-apply Curlaway Curl Relaxer any time you want less curl or frizz. The MSM (methylsulfonylmethane or dimethylsulfone) in Curlaway and the grapeseed oil conditions your hair and improves feel, shine and flexibility.

Use with other products and on previously-straightened hair: Curlaway Curl Relaxer may be used before or after regular chemical relaxers, or before or after hair coloring. Because hair types vary and your hair may already be processed with a variety of chemicals that can make it more porous, the right length of treatment time for you may be a little more or less than described here. The more porous your hair has become from prior chemicals and dyes, the faster Curlaway will work. The use of Curlaway as a leave-in styling gel is advised - apply a small amount to the palm of your hand, then work through your hair and comb or brush in prior to drying hair. If you prefer, you may also use any other styling gel after a Curlaway treatment.

If you have any questions about Curlaway products, please contact us at 800-368-6003 (Monday - Friday, Eastern Time). We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Curlaway Curl Relaxer is money-back guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with Curlaway products, simply call us for a full refund.

How Curlaway Straightens Hair
Curlaway Curl Relaxer breaks hydrogen bonds in the keratin protein of your hair, not S-S bonds like conventional, high-pH relaxers.

The effect is cumulative – the more you use Curlaway gel, the straighter your hair becomes. Stop using the products whenever you are happy with the texture of your hair. Restart the treatment when your hair starts to recurl, or if summer humidity calls for more control.

On African-American hair, the result is a successful “touch-up” of chemically-relaxed hair, or hair that is softer, easier to comb and amazingly responsive to flat irons, heat curlers or wands, eventually eliminating the need for chemical relaxation to get the look you want.


Comments from Curlaway ® Users
" I am really impressed with this product! I was very skeptical at first [and] researched Curlaway for a couple of months. I love it, love it, love it!!! I have told both my sisters and my niece about it and they are going to try it also. The results are cumulative and at this rate with my hair looking so healthy and fabulous, I will not go back to a conventional relaxer. For any African-American women reading this, I do not have hair of mixed heritage, it is of the normal African stock, very coiled. I apply it like a relaxer (apply to new growth) and leave it on up to 9 hrs. Sometimes I use a dab after washing and conditioning for extra shine and gloss for the blow dry. I'm really happy with this product. The best piece of advice I can give when using this is to be patient, it will not create a miracle overnight but overtime, the miracle will happen. I have been there and back with my hair and it is promising to know that someone is still researching alternatives for relaxing hair that do not involve harsh chemicals. I wish your company much success and I will recruit as many devotees as possible. I would be honored if you choose to use anything I've written. G. G-G., Lyndhurst, NJ

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